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Dec 2, 2012 1:30pm PST
the results of the survey and the recommendations that came out as well. as far as sros go, i want to do an overview about what they are. we learned little bit from joanna earlier. typically, an sro is an 8x10 size room with a sink. some are smaller; some larger. by and large they don't have any cooking facilities in the building. some do have them on one per floor, shared kitche. there are a few hotels that have individual bathrooms. the majority of them are shared on the floor down the hall. we have always i've been at the mission sro for over 5 years, always large percent are seniors. we began the conversation about two years ago and the conversation was about the changing needs of people. a lot of people here in san francisco -a lot of low-income tenants - get locked into their home. that can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing at the same time. a lot of people when they move in, to choose a home a place that meets their needs, as they live there for years, as people get older, the disabilities change, obviously they become more difficult for people to live in these build
Dec 19, 2012 11:30pm PST
lived in sro's, i'm sad to say, for a little over 22 years and i could go back in time, there has been absolutely no change in the living conditions in sro's in 22 years and often times what i hear the reason why is code enforcement. there aren't enough people to go out and check the sro's because the number of sro's so work is delayed or again there just aren't enough inspectors. and that's unfortunate. the other thing is to -- code violation, if there is enough teeth in the violation to make it mandatory that the owners do the work like with grab bars, i'm not worried about the nonprofits, what i'm concerned with are the privately owned sro's. those are the people that charge three to four hundred dollars a week for living conditions that i wouldn't have a dog live in, yet human beings here in san francisco do. and it's appalling. and i would just urge each and every one of you it not look at photographs of sro's, private sro's, but to go to one or two and see exactly what we're talking about. it would be an eye-opening experience, believe me. thank you for your time, i really
Dec 3, 2012 5:30am PST
in the bathroom. some sros were built in 1911; you have tiny rooms, a window or door where the grab bar would go. or put it on the side and people don't have space to get out of the bathroom. the mayor's office on disability has agreed to prepare a technical assistance guide. he are some of the common structures for bathrooms, common designs, and here's what you should do about grab bars. also the department of building inspection. buildings would have to file for a permit before they install a grab bar to make sure it is done properly, going into the wall, making sure the reinforcements are there. the end result is we want people to be safe. i will turn it over to clifford gilmore from the central city sro collaborative who will introduce of the tenant will talk about their experience living in sros. >> chair: does a working phone jack include data and voice line? make sure you include that in the legislation so it does not become an issue for a person with a disability. >> i'm glad you said that. i am embarrassed to say we have not talked about it. we will explore that right awa
Dec 2, 2012 2:00pm PST
would like for you to consider going forward. many of the sros are not accessible. that is one thing. and buildings and floors that are accessible, the preference be provided to people who are seniors and people living with disabilities. it is an important issue for this population. and a needed will continue to evolve. secondly, people who come in after hours at issues. what we hear our complaint driven. that can be challenging for people who put in a complaint and want a quick resolution. we think it would be helpful to have short time line for complaints when there are building or health code issues. particular for seniors. this issues that affect seniors and people with disabilities are pressing needs that need immediate remedy. it is helpful to consider around this population and how they will be able to continue to live here. and have quality of life. and being able to have that experience. with that i would like to bring forward a couple of our leaders from our leadership program. dan jordan and steven tennis (sounds like). >> hello, i'm dan jordan, a peer counselor
Dec 4, 2012 9:30am PST
about the work we do at the mission sro collaborative because we go out into residential hotels in the mission district 5 days a week and do direct outreach to tenants who live in those sro's. and what we find is that there is land lord harassment happening in sro's and i'm sure it's happening in all other housing types in san francisco. the way that the market is right now is a disincentive really for tenants to be able to bring up any of their concerns for repairs or modifications that need to be made within their rooms. what i hear from tenants, you know, week after week is that they are afraid of retaliation from their land lord. they are afraid that for simply standing up and asserting their rights that they have under the rent ordinance that they are going to be targeted by their landlord for some other action. thinking back to 2008 with proposition m, i know a lot of us had really high hopes that there was going to be sort of a major sea change in the way that, in the way that land lord and tenant disputes was happening and with retaliation but i think that as superviso
Dec 19, 2012 10:30am PST
, that's implementable and also importantly that's going to be cost effective for sro operators. what we are presenting to you right now is still a work in progress. as i have said, we are working through some of the technical issues around the installation of the grab bars in particular. we have miss johnson here and rosemary boske who are going to be able to talk through some of the technical issues that we hope we've been able to come up with answers for and we are going to take this legislation, once it's in its most advanced stage, out to the owner community to make sure we have buy-in. one important facet that we're going to be baking into this legislation which will become effective 30 days after its passage is that notices of violation won't be issued for the first 6 months because we want to be sure operators have the time not just to become aware of the installation and install the bars but to do it in the right way. we're going to be creating a technical assistance manual with the help of the mayor's office on disability that will be distributed to building operators to hel
Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
of the sro's, there are problems with the shower stalls and some of them probably, you know, are going to have a difficult time anchoring to something real. and that's my main concern, that if they put in grab bars it's not cosmetic. if somebody grabs them they are not going to have a bunch of tile or the wall fall on them, which would even be worse. i want to be sure that the building inspection side is also involved. so the case by case thing, whenever i see that, it's a little worrysome in some ways unless the specifications are very clear from a mechanical point of view, that these are real grab bars. they are going to be anchored and again it's case by case, but i feel that even if our inspectors go in and they see a shower stall that needs, needs to have some work done on the walls, that should be done. that's how i feel. i feel that that should be done so when those bars are put in that it is really a safety . the safety bar should be done. i want to be sure the showers themselves are safe. >> commissioner walker. >> thank you for coming and thank you community outreach fol
Dec 5, 2012 5:30am PST
'm known in the mission district as the tro for the sro from hell. thank you. [ laughter ] >> thank you. i'm going to call a few more speakers. rd. >> good afternoon my name is michael harrington with the mission sro collaborative on dolores street and live in the dog patch area in the mission. i have been living there for over ten years and i have had bed bugs twice in that period of time in 2007 and in 2011. i'm a very clean person. but as we all know bed bugs don't discriminate. the last time i had bed bugs was off and on through 2011. i did everything that i was supposed to do. if the manager and the owner cared a little more i might not have had them for so long. plus, what can you do if other tenants don't speak up? in my case a couple other tenants complained and it was not taken seriously. i had to call the department of public health, and the department of building inspection and now i am hated my owner for telling the truth. i got the otherwise the division of inspection and the pest control operator to find that half of the rooms had them. they had sprayed and so far as of righ
Dec 1, 2012 8:30am PST
and that except you have to have an id to go in an s-r-o. it's no different than an sro and what you're talking b. so, it's just an idea i'm throwing at y'all because it could be a good building, you know. thanks. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, members of the board. peter cohan, council community housing organization. just here to support the compromise measures that's come forward. thanks, supervisor wiener, for working with the housing committee and other members of the board. it was refreshing to see the planning commission strongly support this measured approach last thursday. so, let's see how it comes out. this is an experimental new typology of housing, if you will. the importance will be to learn from what comes out of this first, if you will, pilot phase so the reporting requirements will tell us a lot. and we'll be very informative to the next steps going forward. that's feedback loop is something we want to give you detailed input on. but what's come out from this long process is now before you and the full board is a good compromise. thanks very much. >> tha
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am PST
seniors and people with disabilities in sros to say we demand and deserve better. so that people can also say this is not what should be going on in our city. will like some of you to come out with us on that day, to the rally. maybe somebody representing the council should speak. testify before the land use committee that they. will be in touch with the mayor's office; presumably they will pass on to all of you when those things are happening. >> chair: jessica, i think the idea of including the mayor's disability council and the technical assistance guidelines is excellent. my colleagues are interested in that. before i -- have you been in contact with chief inspector bosky at the department of building inspection? she may be able to offer support as well. >> we have been working closely with rosemary bosky (sounds like) since the beginning; she has been wonderful, helping us understand what is in the code, what should be in the code, making amendments to the legislation as well. >> thank you. >> thank you for your presentations. my head is swimming actually. i would like to say th
Dec 3, 2012 2:00pm PST
of why this is needed. obviously there are some harassment issues that go on in these buildings. sounds like the sro has a number of them. i certainly don't represent those buildings but i respect the idea that they should be held to the same standards that other land lords in town should be held to. but we need statistics. we have no statistics, we have no idea why this is being brought up -- well, i guess we know why but we don't know the numbers really being attributed to this problem. if there are a lot of complainting that folks at tenant associations and advocates are hearing from, why haven't they gone to the rent board? that troubles me a lot. i would ask you to continue this until the opportunity for the rent board to talk about this and we can talk about this at the rent board. we have been through many, many hearings at the rent board where everyone gets up and talks about their perspective and that's happen. i'd like to see that happen if it's allowable by you. thank you very much. >> thank you. renee' currin, kendra frashman, victoria hamilton. >> hi, i'm renee' curr
Dec 7, 2012 9:30am PST
it is a great park but because people have nowhere else to go. there's a really high incidence of behavioral problems with kids that live in sros. there are over 500 families live in those single rooms. because of that we think it is very important for you to pass this resolution. we think this opens up the opportunity to identify other open space opportunities and expand open space within the community. i urge your yes vote. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good morning. my name is ten chow speaking on behalf of china town community development center. i want to ask you to support the resolution before you. i remember five years ago i was on the task force for the general plan. china town, according to the element in the general plan has china town as high need neighborhood. that mean with list open space per capita in america we have a big population of families with children and senior population with 90%. that means what we have is what we have. and also immigrant and low income community i think is understatement. if i continue to say how much open space we need an
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
residents within the boundaries of the market-octavia plan. as housing costs go up, a number of residents that are in there that are living in the sro's within the boundaries are living in supportive housing units that are operated by the city, its hsa or directed supportive housing. there are many more of course in the tenderloin. what i would like to do is possibly have the city take a look at mass leasing an entire number of sro's that are currently within the boundaries and working those within supportive housing boundaries where we can remove or have homeless people removed from the street and entered into some type of supportive service environment, perhaps where people can actually re-enter the work force, but what other issues, i would have to say disabled access, disability access for any and all new developments. i have been working that area for quite a while. and generally just improving the quality of life and safety. a number of people who are pedestrians and bicyclists are also low income so really improving pedestrian bicyclist safety as much as possible and that con
Dec 5, 2012 5:00am PST
is the input that reflects what tenants really feel and the experiences that they are going through and some of the solutions that they have come up to make this process work better. my name is josh vining. i'm a community organization with the sro collaborative at dolores street services. dolores street and the sro collaborative realized that tenants were confused and that landlords were confused and people weren't quite sure what their responsibilities were and their role in getting rid of bedbug infestations. so we started to meet in the mission just to start of make that clear who was responsible for. what and we started to identify some gaps that were in the system. and when we looked at what was happening in other parts of city and talked to some of our other community advocate groups we found there was confusion there as well. so to identify some of the gaps that this were and to see what sort of recommendations we could put forth as suggestions for city policy. and sense then we have been working closely with the department of public health and have been giving sort of our suggest
FOX News
Dec 20, 2012 6:00am PST
an update on what is going on with the weather system we are watching. it's a deadly storm ain't is just a few days from christmas. watching it sro closely as millions of americans right now are under blizzard warnings. it stretches 900 miles, from colorado to milwaukee, the nation's busiest airports may get hit very hard. that could strand a lot of travelers out there trying to get from here to there with their packages. folks preparing and hoping for the best. >> we got all our crews in place, getting all our equipment, making sure everything is working, checking all our checks and balances, making sure our equipment is on site ready to go, our staff is ready to go, we can't 0 have any break downs throughout the night as we go. martha: alicia ac u.n. a alicia acuna joins us live. >> three people have died due to heavy no on the roadway and slick conditions. a blizzard warning and 45-mile an hour weurpbdz expecte winds are expected in wisconsin. it is in the southeastern part of the state where the roads were so icy that the driver lost control killing himself and another. in utah a wo
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)